Silly Questions To Myself


I Had A Cat Door

Yet Somehow It Disappeared

Maybe Cat Burglar


Why Do You Put Poems

In My Head On The Sabbath

So I Can’t Write Them



My Dear Nestle

Gingerbread Chocolate Pretzels

You Can Keep Them This Year


Twelve Hundred Percent

Vitamin A For The Day

Slice Three Pumpkin Pie


If Only Your Hairdresser

Knows For Sure

They Should Be The Answer Man



And Bob’s Your Uncle



We Say The Back Yard

But They Call This A Garden

Let’s Have A Fry Up


A Breakfast Buffet

Delectable  Beans On Toast ?

Or Bubble And Squeak


Like Bobble And Squid

Think Potatoes And Cabbage

Please Have Some Nibbles


We Call This A Snack

Alex Martin Hyman Sam

Bob’s Not My Uncle