Cousin’s Cousin


I Believe

In Fairy Tales

After All Cinderella’s My Cousin





Grandmother And Niece

OCD Irish Setter

Carries Tennis Ball


Court Tennis Back Yard

Makes Her Daddy Pick Up Ball

Instead Of Handing


Passenger Seat

Yellow Tennis Ball In Her Mouth

She’s Never Without



(also Weggieboy’s niece

This Molly with a y

His sister’s kitten)


S T P Spark Plugs Unplugged


Steve Thief  Plaxco

Stealing My STP Stickers

Uncle Had Given


First Grade Through Ninth

Even Though He Knew He Would

Be Receiving Many


He Was The Only

Bass Player In Orchestra

Heavy To Carry


His Brother Married

Lived Happily Ever After

My Friend’s Sister


Steve Peeked In First Grade

When I Was Class Monitor

At Least He Told Me


“Stevie You’re Peeking”

That’s What He Says That I  Said

I Don’t Remember