Town & Country Movers Gaithersburg Reviews



please understand

attorneys movers and the court

reading  assessment


i appreciate everyone’s kindness. reviews of town & country movers were not written today. writing  three and a half  years .  hard to live through , painful answering comments  to relive … . some answers are in  first four pages :others  in coming pages.  the first paragraph, explains , i ‘m  sorry for everyone who wants to read poetry, but will probably be writing this for the rest of my life.

and if anything happens to me, town & country, they are in a safe place ,with my attorneys.

i wanted people ,who have had their reviews removed to have a safe place to say what happened here.

last may, after i sent a six page letter to the better business bureau (BBB) about town & country movers. then, an email ,asking  what the name of the company was . i listed the name of the company as the very first word. they said where is it located…very top of page ,i had written : re: town & country movers gaithersburg…

they asked my phone number & address…i had clearly already written, i do not have a phone , because i have chronic bronchitis , fourteen  years . it seems like an average of 4 days a week, someone asks for my phone number..but, i had clearly written why i had no phone.. every answer was was exactly like ,no one had read this….then finally, i get an email,that the maryland office is not the correct office, for a company in maryland. instead, the d.c. office is where my  letter belongs. the D.C.  BBB has my complaint.

i have no idea what town and country did to have my complaint removed.(i’m told it’s very easy for them to get rid of bad reviews) . but there are no open complaints at the BBB & people have complaints. i knew the BBB was not going to do anything after the first question. but i gave town & country one last  chance to -at the very  least  – admit they did not pack ,to give me back the difference between their charging 5 x’s allied for moving & 3 x’s mayflower for storage. i had no idea the BBB would remove my complaint.

also, if someone asks me a question & i say A, because this is not a court & i can’t type every single answer in the world, and my brain is very slow… the defense will say you said A not B<C<D<E and F.  i was once in a car wreck. i don’t remember if it the 7th or the 9th and when the driver  said are you alright.being southern, all my life, i said the polite thing. i didn’t want her/him  to feel bad. i didn’t have a rear view mirror in my face & a telephone pole, like i did when i was sixteen. BTW, i just this second realized i said i was alright then too & the driver said no you aren’t,your face is bleeding & no i am not. my neck has hurt every day of my life since & why i had to go to the chiropractor three days a week to begin with…

State Farm :

when you’re in a wreck

the driver asks how you are

you say i’m okay


it’s the polite thing

physical therapist

chiropractor also


they decide two years

to be back in the shape you were

after  eighth? wreck


but state farm says

you told the driver you were okay

when he asked you


never be polite

you weren’t okay before the wreck

he picked you up


at the chiropractor

going to both three days a week

what state farm says


so why should WE Pay

and believe me they did not

my father had to


it doesn’t matter

if they hurt you worse than you

already were hurt


drivers with state farm

five of eleven idiots

ran into me


i’m only counting

the last seven accidents

not knowing before


everyone knows

and husband was a chiropractor

whiplash next day


before tears fell

on the way home from  doctors

monday wednesday friday


why i moved away

those vans are very painful

just hitting a bump


*by the way state farm

you insured the owner

and driver of the car


car that hit the pole

why i was already hurt

should have said that then


( million years too late)






town & country movers gaithersburg IV


mafia family

send a family member

with every job


who was the next person, banging on my hotel door after police, waking & scaring ,the sheriff. he wanted to let me know my  former husband  was filing divorce part II . the girl from the hotel desk called : he left a card . lawyer couldn’t just notify my attorney .  this went on for two and a half years until 2014.  after the police &  sheriff scare me , the irs is banging on the door ,  at 9:30 am. they didn’t get 2009 taxes .i can’t even open the door, since maryland,  so afraid ,heart pounding so hard ,you have to grab your chest : feels like it will jump out . the noise is horrible. if there was a fire, i couldn’t open the door.  told irs the movers took everything & i showed her all the faxes from my divorce attorney.  she saw all the medicine  , heard me coughing & said of course she believed me.  medical bills were always a lot more than income & now there was no alimony.  former had  stopped paying , but i just remembered the other day why they probably didn’t get 2009.

i would give the accountant everything in march & he probably sent this form the second week in april. i checked every day and  remember getting this after the seventeenth, so i went upstairs signed it & put it right back in the mail . park potomac has a terrible time , with mail carriers for some reason…sometimes, i would get 3 different people’s mail in my box on the same day…and there was always mail sitting on the counter,  , so whoever it belonged to , could see.  usually i gave the mail, to  security at  desk ,but if i knew the person,  slide mail under their door. one day i found 2 packages of prescriptions that weren’t mine. these were 600,000 – 2 million dollar condos.

back to the mafia family, while i’m thinking about prescriptions: would i tell a mover to make my medicine. i didn’t tell them anything . i never met cab driver went to my condo to get medicine, pillows, computer ,some clothes & they told him, town & country took everything.

the guy on the truck said , after 2 months, “we were told to take your medicine, but we don’t take people’s medicine”…  still finding medicine in boxes of trash… why would you throw each bottle in a different box. who told you to take everything. that is who you are working for, not me. who told you to pack trash,  pack  papers that belong to  owner’s of  condo…  papers that had sawdust and paint,  i had wrapped up 4 years earlier &  left in  drawers of the island,after i cleaned everything out. i think this is why ,the owner’s didn’t send my 2100.00 deposit back. you packed  heavy condo books & warranties & everything i left belonging to  owners.


i always say you took my medicine, but you stole my medicine , i now see & cost me a lot of money 6600.00 for 3  months & dr. leven’s 16 bottles of vitamins & 160.00 of my regular vitamins,doctors prescribed since 1989….and last night ,i find all the immunoglobulin & bottles i had refrigerated from dr. liebenson , that i need for toxic mold.. they have to be refrigerated…if it wasn’t packed , it was of course going with me , in the cab. everything expired & you knew this & you charged me for moving , storing & transporting & transferring  all this expired food,medicine & trash.  you already charged  a criminal amount, more than any other mover.

i say stolen, because , when  checking to see if i spelled town & country gaithersberg correctly, i find has complaints about you…this woman said ” you stole her medicine”.

every time there was a complaint, it appears yelp says this couldn’t be used for certain reasons. i think the reason may be, because it looks like whenever there was a complaint, some woman from town & country movers writes at the bottom : i’m sorry, we have no record of you. did you possibly move under another name?…. i’m waiting for someone to write that here.

i wasted three and a half years of my life , cleaning everything and storing in ziploc big bags, so town and country, could  flood a truck in september  three years ago .  everything was clean and dry  , but  now i have been washing clothes , sheets , towels , since december , all over again, twice. they all smell like mold still after the first time. why were my things even on a truck,when i was paying 500.00 a month & i see now, you have climate controlled storage.


i was going to start with part I , instead of the beginning ,listing  boxes, but end up writing what i’m thinking about  now. can barely read what i wrote,  i’m so upset .  my blood pressure is too high and it’s very upsetting to relive. also, was hard to stand sideways around all of these dirty boxes, lean & write . however, i had no idea , i could be more upset than i have been for 3 years 4 months. forever thinking, my mother’s antique crystal, 60,000 .00, dead aunt’s and uncle’s wedding gifts  . i’m so afraid  will be broken, i had no idea a professional mover could break & destroy, what i had no idea was breakable or that i would have to feel like this for the rest of my life and not have what i need.  molded, expired food everywhere. can’t leave  on the porch, raccoons will tear it up. they already did , once. i packed a  box of spices that , about 500.00 from harris teeter.  cannot even find . of course i have to throw it out.last night i had to throw away dried beans that had so much mold,my head is still hurting.the entire room smelled like mold, until i found where it was coming from…

i  came across  boston town and country movers at yelp . people are complaining they make you pay cash :no credit cards &  how a family member comes with every job and they don’t give a receipt one man kept calling & no one would answer & then finally they cursed him out. that’s when i started thinking this sounds like a mafia family. and they wouldn’t answer me, after they sent my executor a letter ,if i didn’t send 3000.00 more, they would sell everything, after they had already stolen around 24,000.00 . still no answer. this is what they do in boston, too.

only, a mafia family would be kinder. they would just kill you ,3  years ago. not do all the things they did & continue to do, torture . i wish i didn’t have to know what happened to everything, getting sicker opening all the mold , washing everything….


my father , who would be 100  ,  december ,had an antique fan that was in perfect condition. fan like the memorex commercial. we kept this fan, inside the house .  strongest fan, i’ve ever seen. when your AC breaks, you don’t even care , because it’s so great.  this was sitting, in the brand new condo with all of my paintings on the clean , new hardwood floor .when the movers left a few weeks ago, i find the fan in the guest bath and now the floor is rusted.  it was on town & country’s wet truck with everything else that has mold. i ‘m afraid to turn it on & see if it works. i know the tv’s couldn’t possibly work, the way they were delivered. boxes are blocking all of the tv’s that were here.  a family came in & asked me , how can you watch tv.  you would think they had some sense of where to put things, at least ,so you don’t have to sleep upside down. they said it will take you 3 years to sort .  exactly .

speaking of sleeping. i almost had to sleep in the street, when i left the hospital.because they stole my money and credit cards, all i had was a check in my handbag.for some reason they don’t steal your checks. the hotel, even though i had lived there for a year in 2004 , waiting for toxic mold to be destroyed at my condo, they wouldn’t accept a check.  finally, i remembered , there was a wells fargo around the circle .the cab  rushed there, because they were closing in 30 minutes. i don’t remember how they cashed my check without  i d. no clothes, no pillow, no water distiller,  only generic medicine  hospital had , my body was confused and sicker from taking. the doctor. tried to give me more pain medicine, my rheumatologist had given me for pain. flexeril doesn’t help, but the nurse forgot  & my mind is so slow i forgot. they were so confused at the desk trying to find things. they were like are you sure you came in with two arms. yes i am sure.then they would search in every cabinet for your other arm or leg . they also had given me an inhaler , and when i could see,noticed i was allergic to it (sulfa)…

where is my grandfather’s cane, the only thing i have of my grandfather, who died when i was three.  if i didn’t always wear the necklace my other grandfather gave me , when i was born, who died when i was one,  i wouldn’t even have that. where is everything i packed in that box. where are the 4 MRI’s , the neurologist had just ordered and the lab had given to me. i needed them with me! she said i didn’t have parkinson’s but something else was wrong . i don’t remember her name. you caused unbelievable and unendless problems.

the police would not let me have  my water or medicine . saying they have all that at the hospital. a LIE . i ‘ve called an ambulance 5 times & after 3 hours , i ‘m dehydrated & they want to give me unnecessary IV & i have no veins : they can’t. so i always grab my water and hold it for dear life. the toxic mold dehydrates you & you have to drink 2 gallons a day for 15 years. then there’s a big thing at the hospital always, the doctor wants to hydrate you with IV  , when all you need is water :  had no veins before the mold, but being dehydrated makes it harder for them to get blood.they go through 6 people , everyone gets 2 chances……….they play around with Iv for hours & then they want to give you pain medicine in  IV & take x-rays, to protect themselves:for 7 hours ,  make sure , no obstruction instead of helping . i have no business in a hospital with barely any immune system, my internist would say. they always make you sicker.

which is what happened when the plaster came through my condo ,with the builder’s construction , next door . the doctor said please let us give you something for the pain. i want to say when someone is shot, take the bullet out, don’t let them suffer longer waiting for pain medicine.i did what he wanted : one side of my face went numb,tongue couldn’t move. bad reaction.  waiting for benadryl . apologies because all the doctors were with a newborn baby .



Town & Country Movers Gaithersburg Maryland reviews III bad


i went to florida far away from town and country for peace and quiet .shortly after, at 3:45 am : the police are banging on my hotel door.doesn’t matter , they were looking for someone else, after what had just happened. your heart doesn’t care.your nerves are even in worse shape. i had just spent twenty seven hours ,on a train, going as far as possible for peace. my cab driver told me, only in maryland can they do stupid things ,like that.

had they  not broken in , i would be sitting on my comfortable sofa ,watching giada or the barefoot contessa right now & saying,oh i want to make that.then take  the elevator to the parking garage into whole foods & buying everything i need. i wouldn’t have had to waste 8 hours, typing over just part I, with high blood pressure and tranquilizers and ptsd… if the builder would have known how to build windows, i wouldn’t have had to waste thousand’s more in medical bills & i  wouldn’t have even had to move at all,if you didn’t have toxic mold…because of the toxic mold, i was now going to have to move twice….once to that new apartment at bethesda market & then again after i sold my condo in arlington, va. i wouldn’t be sitting here , on this 400.00 chair i had to buy , looking at all the broken, everything….

skipping around to what is happening now. in may, i bought a condo ,one bedroom, when i sold my house , because i was getting more nervous day by day, about getting my things back from town and country.. i thought i was having ridiculous fears about them selling everything..but the night i walked in & turned on the lights, there were hundreds of tiny bugs walking across the floor…i thought i was having a nightmare, but this nightmare lasted until november. it was a beautiful condo & i was going to get everything from t&c & let mayflower keep my arlington home, until i could figure out what to do, since mayflower was charging me only 120-160 a month storage and t&c was stealing 500 a month…

but now, i find there are millions of baby roaches in the walls & i already have ptsd and now this…you couldn’t use the kitchen, turn on the water.. i tried every natural pesticide on this earth. they came out of the wallpaper, inside stove,between refrigerator & freezer door.. i don’t even want to think about this nightmare. i couldn’t even speak about it until, just, i had to leave & let them bomb the place and everything & never can i go back into the pesticides with my bronchitis…

then i bought a 2 bedroom condo in october, but  couldn’t go inside to live, because the owners sprayed perfume everywhere… i left the windows open over & over all day & came back and still perfume….this went on for weeks…

i had 2 choices, this condo or the one next door newly remodeled , but there was bright red carpet & i’m not allowed to change carpet or have new carpet….also the AC was old & i thought since someone actually lived in this condo for 5 years, there would be no bugs…it’s like a house. there is a tiny condo above, where people only come for a few months out of the year & they never rent out. and the master bedroom has nothing above it, so there would never be noise.

the inspector , teaches inspectors , so he is very good…i had one day, before it would be cold, so i told my realtor about the perfume and she came over here & used a few heloise tips and vinegar everywhere and helped me move. she helps me , with everything. she has a masters in business . she helps at the homeless shelters. she runs the real estate office here, notary . she faxes everything to my divorce lawyers, my brother… i’m more work than the office….when she leaves, she always says email, me when you need something.

she found someone to rent my condo, but the company said no, they didn’t think he could it’s sitting empty still. maybe 700 a month  for condo fees & insurance.  more aggravation, when i could be in whole foods now with a pumpkin muffin or pad thai and hundreds of vegetables.

as soon as i bought this condo and the perfume was gone, i was sooo sorry. i thought the lady was trying to cover  cats and i had asked my other realtor to ask her not to spray it again.

not only didn’t she, she even wore perfume and i was choking when she got out of her car. i had to tell her, i can’t get near you. she has no understanding and i don’t understand how, because her husband was dying of emphysema ,with hospice. how could she wear that around him.

the point is , i think the perfume was covering MOLD. seller wrote they had no knowledge of mold. they never saw a bug.

the master bath & closets smell like mold. i spray vinegar 4 or 6 times a day…..but then, i decided to hang a fish light switch i painted years ago and when i unscrewed the one on the wall there was black and i thought it was grease, but i almost fell over , i was so dizzy and my hands were shaking and after i laid down , it took me until the next day, to say oh that’s where the mold is…

but before this, i realized something was wrong with almost every appliance in here. and when the inspector was here,my perfume realtor wanted to sit outside and talk while he worked…i had to sit on the balcony , b/c of the perfume in here and she told him, that i came to watch him for 2 hours….i told her quietly, no . i came to sit here for 2 hours and make sure it’s quiet upstairs….that was the third time, i had been here & it was quiet…then i found out , they don’t rent  , so no one was up there.

i can’t listen to stomping and cabinet slamming  with ptsd and a heart that beats high 90’s -120 sitting still, from toxic mold for 15 years…. i learned that the hard way , when i left florida..for 10 months , i rented a condo here on the 2nd floor & this man woke up every 2 hours stomping around. i can’t believe i lived though that..when he left in the spring , children  were up there running and stomping all the time.. i barely slept & i was hysterical for 10 months, shaking my vibrating from lyme disease is worse the faster my heart beats,like a cello…then i rented a condo on the top floor & it rained through the ceiling all winter and of course the ceiling was molded and they would fix the roof & raccoons would tear it up again ….and then things got even worse..i’m trying to forget how they had to saw boards outside my bedroom every day to build a new walkway and the sawdust went into my lungs..i  wouldn’t have had to go through any of this if not for t&c & the  builder.


it was at least nice and quiet, until sunday. someone is upstairs slamming cabinets . the  disposal is broken again. i only use it  for crumbs, but this repairman was just here fixing everything he could and it seems like a good one, so i put  potato peeling from one potato and water won’t drain out of the sink…

first the toaster oven caught on fire, then no drain attached in guest shower, then the dryer handle came off in my hand,then i open the microwave and it has rust everywhere…. i only have 2 of my own somewhere in boxes behind furniture stacked so high , i can’t get to the boxes, if they are even here. and the first thing i said to mover is ,do you see a microwave.  no. if you turn the microwave on, more rust comes out….i didn’t know what it was, but the repairman said it looks like it got wet… then i opened the dryer & the inside is rusted. washer was dripping…

after the shower drain , i said you idiot, why didn’t you buy the  remodeled one next door…then the movers destroyed the wallpaper.

this is the important part. while i was waiting , for the perfume to leave , i was informed that t&c said if i didn’t give them 3000.00 more  for storage since may, they would sell my things. and that is the whole reason , i bought that condo. i thought i was being paranoid, but they are truly evil .( and this is the worst possible time of the year ,when you can’t put the molded boxes outside. you open one, have an asthma attack & die… i had 2 yesterday.. one at 4 am. as it is, you are sneezing all the time, coughing  and scratching your eyelashes out. oh & like that isn’t bad enough, the *government  has made the company quit making my rescue inhaler, which is a whole haiku i wrote a few months ago, when the pharmacist said no one will sell her any…every other one dr’s gave me, i had reactions too, so thank-you so much for the molded truck t&c, when my inhalers are empty  there is no more…chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere, even though the darn thing goes inside my mouth, yet the government allows smoking, so i can have attacks every time i’m outside, at doctor or  hospital ,where the entire world smokes).

and then t&c would not answer me, if they received payment, so i had to live in more fear and your heart beats harder and faster , 80 mg  nexium a day doesn’t even help  , i am so upset. my bank changed, so i couldn’t get information  & they wouldn’t answer mayflower who called them repeatedly …they played games with him, saying call a,b,c,d,e, a different person every day …. you know what would have been smart . actually using that time, to take everything out of my boxes and pack.


how are you sleeping

scarce sleeping upside down

bed is against the wall