Silly Questions To Myself


I Had A Cat Door

Yet Somehow It Disappeared

Maybe Cat Burglar


Why Do You Put Poems

In My Head On The Sabbath

So I Can’t Write Them



My Dear Nestle

Gingerbread Chocolate Pretzels

You Can Keep Them This Year


Twelve Hundred Percent

Vitamin A For The Day

Slice Three Pumpkin Pie


If Only Your Hairdresser

Knows For Sure

They Should Be The Answer Man


Adam & Eve No Need For A Doctor Have An Apple


Adam & Eve would make love all day

There were no horses to stop and feed hay

No other people bother or listening to what others say

TV’s weren’t invented and no bills must they pay

No news to upset them or get in their way

Not even this Live with Miss  Tina Fey

No need for an anchorperson , dire world to portray

Not work no occupation to upset their joyous  gay

No one ever wanting to kill them not even in the month of May

Always together and happy to stay

Were no sad songs to sing on the dock of the bay

No allergies to gluten wheat sugar eggs or blue jay

Thankfully cheerful can we say Yay

No pets to feed not even worries for a stray

No fine china dishes or cars needing  spray

No aggravating movers six hundred miles away

No cloudy skies not even gray

No tasks to take care of nothing in their way

Neither would ever want from their marriage to stray

Seems there should have been more children running around at play

When all you must do is lift your arms  for a fruit , no dragons to slay

Life is much more and better than okay