Town & Country Movers Gaithersburg Reviews



please understand

attorneys movers and the court

reading  assessment


i appreciate everyone’s kindness. reviews of town & country movers were not written today. writing  three and a half  years .  hard to live through , painful answering comments  to relive … . some answers are in  first four pages :others  in coming pages.  the first paragraph, explains , i ‘m  sorry for everyone who wants to read poetry, but will probably be writing this for the rest of my life.

and if anything happens to me, town & country, they are in a safe place ,with my attorneys.

i wanted people ,who have had their reviews removed to have a safe place to say what happened here.

last may, after i sent a six page letter to the better business bureau (BBB) about town & country movers. then, an email ,asking  what the name of the company was . i listed the name of the company as the very first word. they said where is it located…very top of page ,i had written : re: town & country movers gaithersburg…

they asked my phone number & address…i had clearly already written, i do not have a phone , because i have chronic bronchitis , fourteen  years . it seems like an average of 4 days a week, someone asks for my phone number..but, i had clearly written why i had no phone.. every answer was was exactly like ,no one had read this….then finally, i get an email,that the maryland office is not the correct office, for a company in maryland. instead, the d.c. office is where my  letter belongs. the D.C.  BBB has my complaint.

i have no idea what town and country did to have my complaint removed.(i’m told it’s very easy for them to get rid of bad reviews) . but there are no open complaints at the BBB & people have complaints. i knew the BBB was not going to do anything after the first question. but i gave town & country one last  chance to -at the very  least  – admit they did not pack ,to give me back the difference between their charging 5 x’s allied for moving & 3 x’s mayflower for storage. i had no idea the BBB would remove my complaint.

also, if someone asks me a question & i say A, because this is not a court & i can’t type every single answer in the world, and my brain is very slow… the defense will say you said A not B<C<D<E and F.  i was once in a car wreck. i don’t remember if it the 7th or the 9th and when the driver  said are you alright.being southern, all my life, i said the polite thing. i didn’t want her/him  to feel bad. i didn’t have a rear view mirror in my face & a telephone pole, like i did when i was sixteen. BTW, i just this second realized i said i was alright then too & the driver said no you aren’t,your face is bleeding & no i am not. my neck has hurt every day of my life since & why i had to go to the chiropractor three days a week to begin with…

State Farm :

when you’re in a wreck

the driver asks how you are

you say i’m okay


it’s the polite thing

physical therapist

chiropractor also


they decide two years

to be back in the shape you were

after  eighth? wreck


but state farm says

you told the driver you were okay

when he asked you


never be polite

you weren’t okay before the wreck

he picked you up


at the chiropractor

going to both three days a week

what state farm says


so why should WE Pay

and believe me they did not

my father had to


it doesn’t matter

if they hurt you worse than you

already were hurt


drivers with state farm

five of eleven idiots

ran into me


i’m only counting

the last seven accidents

not knowing before


everyone knows

and husband was a chiropractor

whiplash next day


before tears fell

on the way home from  doctors

monday wednesday friday


why i moved away

those vans are very painful

just hitting a bump


*by the way state farm

you insured the owner

and driver of the car


car that hit the pole

why i was already hurt

should have said that then


( million years too late)






7 thoughts on “Town & Country Movers Gaithersburg Reviews

  1. Mostly the question “How are you?” means nothing for person who asks. People you do not know or know barely do not care of you. Ignore the answer. You are right, to be polite is not the point in many cases. Take care of yourself and try to recover.

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