13 thoughts on “Town & Country Movers Gaithersburg V

  1. Dont know why you only have bikinis left, by others comments it seems you have been stripped naked, conned, scammed, be interested in knowing the story behind your short words.

  2. I didn´t steal your clothes just to be clear……

    You could jump onto my back so you can keep warm, and I will only charge you 2$! Just because you pass though my nutty blog. That has to be a done deal.

  3. Wow!

    An entire series of blog posts dedicated to Town & Country Movers, complete with little haikus, that act as venomous barbs.

    As a Baltimorean, it truly makes me smile to see a lady from Montgomery County slugging it out with a moving company in this manner.

    I am impressed by your moxy and creativity, fighting with haikus. Who thinks of that?

    In Baltimore, we might consider using a bawdy limerick as a weapon, but never a haiku.

    That just proves the point that one should never underestimate the sophistication of a MoCo resident.

    Best of luck! 😊


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