Town & Country Movers reviews II

after this company , broke in a stole everything,my life , everything i need to exist, to live,this company that i never had spoken to, never hired or would ever hire, over 130,000.00 and things that cannot be replaced which are more valuable than money, they caused me to spend over 34,000 in cash to movers , just  in order to  get back broken, molded, missing or trash….they dd nothing but destroy.

the builder of park potomac , agent partner of town & country movers  ,whatever his title, i’m not sure ,caused me to spend 7000.00 in hopital and dr bills , 2 months earlier. then more forced hospital bills , that i have no idea how much they are ,6000.00 in new extra medicine for 3 months , because  they took my medicine, which caused my health insurance to go up to 2460.00 + a month and then i had to cancel it…i’ve had health insurance, since first grade and when i got divorced , i was told the company had to keep me forever , but no.

so that’s 47,000 so far, before the movers even arrived. then i see my 5000.00 sofa laying on top of my temperpedic mattress covered in orange mold, after sitting on their wet truck…* the only comfortable place i have ever had to sit /fibromyalgia ,11 car accidents…

52,000.00 now wasted…they didn’t even bother to cover anything. my footstool , still has saran wrap, from allied in 2007 and there are only a tiny few spots where they tore the wrapping…but they pretended to pack and take my things to their storage a few miles away for 4700.00… when allied had taken the exact same things 600 miles for 1800.00 and they wrapped the sofa and all the furniture, which t&c did not….this is ethan allen antique furniture…my mothers …can’t be replaced.. you can see a marble top against wall & ethan allen doesn’t even make that anymore for cabinets, but they tore the furniture apart and i can’t even see it all , b/c things are on top, like sofa parts, boxes…

my tv is all scratched up & the vcr.. i had packed 3 vcr’s in vcr boxes , but this was the tv i was watching ,in my bedroom… it was connected to a cable box and since they would not give me my computer , i could not cancel my credit is ruined from all these companies , i email and when i left the hospital and went to virginia , i had to spend 2 months writing letters to the phone company and cable and all of those places like gas and electricity and i would get mail , this is not the right office, try d.c., try va…even though i was in maryland…and the hotel had to send faxes for me every day and i was ill and there was no reason they should have stolen my computer…this one medicine , i couldn’t order without my computer & i end up in the emergency room , without it…in those 2 months, i had about 1000 faxes and pages or work and aggravation…i couldn’t watch my stocks , w/o my computer, that i watch every day . i had 30 & i lost a lot of money …..then someone took 4000.00 out of my bank account and i still haven’t learned why.the hospital wouldn’t let me pay condo fees.they said they wave charges ,when someone is in the hospital. i knew better , worried and The Atrium in roslyn most certainly charged…………….

i couldn’t rent an apartment, when i had been a millionaire and  still owned my own condo in virginia, but it sat for 10 years , with toxic mold , while i had to pay condo fees , for 10 years after i left, so i couldn’t buy a home to get my things and they were stealing 500.00 a month in storage fees . then last march i sell my condo & the movers say i only have to give them 120-150 a month for storage in arlington, which is much more expensive than maryland..

i mean when i tried to rent  apartments, i had to say i don’t have my taxes and the things they asked for, b/c this horrible moving company took everything i own. my cab driver finally explained to me that ,in d.c. b/c of terrorists they have to see everything,your taxes ,etc…whatever they asked me for, i can’t remember all, b/c so many terrible things kept happening…even though my attorney faxed financial records he had & i said i own a condo right down the street ,you can check. i was treated like a terrorist. and finally i was told they thought i was impersonating myself.

there is never just one reason . i didn’t just go to florida for winter . there was no where i could live : it was about to get very cold/ bronchitis & also i was terrified of what else t&c was going to do to me and PTSD, i needed peace and quiet and probably other reasons.

*so why does town & country movers charge me 500.00 a month vs mayflower 120.00 to 150.00 a month

* why does town & country movers  think they can charge 4700.00 to go a few miles  then ask for at least 800.00 to allow another truck to take everything and i would not be suprised if it was already on that same truck for 3.5 years , because they had to know the truck  was wet and  molded then 5900.00 more..

that’s 10,7000.00 vs allied’s 1800.00 plus allied was 2 hours further and allied packed all my paintings, still in Allied’s boxes! and covered the furniture. and even more.

***t&c charged 5 times allied to move and t&c charged 3+ times a month as mayflower to store…

that’s criminal , yet the better business bureau had no idea what i was saying or even  understand that i live where there is no mail delivery,which caused problems. i am actually still waiting to hear from them  when t& c  tried  to terrorize me again by saying if i didn’t send them 3000.00 more in a few weeks ,when i found out, that they would SELL my things. this, after i had already given them over 24,000 .00.

the movers were coming and they emailed they could not fit everything on the truck, so they “would have to come back after the holidays” .so i gave away all the beds here to make room. then,  everything in the master bedroom.

the driver comes in & says it isn’t going to fit and talked me into giving away the sofa bed, which i needed. i knew i needed it, because i thought my bed was going to have mold from the truck and it does…so there goes another probably 1000.00 & if i had known what they had done with my ziploc bags , i wouldn’t have had to give that sofa away…

then they start bringing in these giant boxes and i grab a knife, even though i have ptsd & am terrified to even have knives in the house , because you never know when police are going to break in and lock you up …i said i’m not going to the hospital,i’ll be alright.they just make me sicker & she said “yes you are “..after i’m there, i hear this knife story & then they took it back, but it will never leave my can you forget that.

….i knew they did this… the first box was ziploc big bags that were already packed by me…

there was no good reason . the criminals thought they could charge by taking what i packed already and doing this.. allied brought all my ziploc bags to maryland, like a normal mover , from my 4 bedroom house.. there is no way these boxes would have even fit inside my 4 bedroom house**. this is why the movers had to come almost 500 miles twice .

so i unpacked possibly 20 boxes ,while they were here and let my ziploc bags slide out &  and everything has mold inside the box , inside the ziploc bags…i can’t carry all this trash away , so i have to pay someone to come get all the trash, which is what t&c packed,like i said they packed empty dannon yogurt containers , aluminum pie tins, newspapers i was using to pack…..

i had boxes of food  with security guards names ,because i wasn’t going to pay movers and  a tv, that belonged to the bellman, they took . just found 2 UPS boxes ,  that aren’t mine..

one says it weighs 20 pounds , i paid  t&c to pretend pack and store 3.5 years and gave to mayflower and bring 480 miles…the poor person , people .. also, two pieces of furniture , each weighing hundreds of pounds, i don’t think are mine.

at 50,000 cash loss, i want to stop adding. it’s too painful..then the table probably 6000.00 comes in with at least a two foot scratch and very thick and the pedestal is pulled out ..

almost everything breakable is broken or missing parts…60,000 in crystal my mother’s, wedding presents…these are the things i was worried about every day and night for years. i had no idea ,they would destroy everything.

t&c has climate controlled storage, yet they left all on a wet truck ,for at least 2 months, in that flood to mold.

if you’re a billionaire builder and get away with building windows that cause toxic mold, you can get police to do whatever you want , even when those 2 women knew it wasn’t true. i was only a millionaire , but now  have only enough money to live here for 4 years , or  live in d.c. area, where i want and need to live, where groceries deliver food , for 1.6 years and then all of my money is gone.




31 thoughts on “Town & Country Movers reviews II

  1. Here in Richmond, you can call Channel 12 and they will investigate matters such as this, then publicly report their findings. You should see if you have a television station that offers similar services. If nothing else, maybe your loss might prevent this same company from ruining someone else’s life. And it might lay the groundwork for you to obtain some compensation for your losses — prior to getting a lawyer, which I would do next under your circumstances. Good luck. My heart goes out to you.

  2. I can’t offer advice past what other folks have, but for what it’s worth, your posts do seem to come up on the WordPress Reader under its tags. Maybe you looked at a moment when their databases were still catching up to a new entry?

  3. I’m sorry to hear that they’ve done all these horrible things to you. Getting a lawyer might be a great idea, but I would try to get one who was willing to limit her or his earnings to a percentage of what you receive in damages, if anything. Otherwise, the lawyers will triple your losses with their bills. And laugh about it. Going to the News Media is an excellent idea. Don’t overlook the parts of the media with the blatant conservative bias because they might be less apt to write you off for having been wealthy. No political point to make here, just don’t let the political divide separate you from justice by limiting your options for being heard. Hang in there.

  4. This is stunning.

    Yes, do consult an attorney. You may qualify for legal aid.

    I hope things improve for you–immediately and completely.

  5. I can really feel what you are going through Raechel. You must be so upset and angry with these people. I know I would be. I do hope that you can find a solution and recompense. Big hug for you my friend. ❤

  6. I am not that far away and I feel your pain. For most of 2013, I was homeless in my car. My little angel saved my life. A cat who was 7 or 8 and who loved me when I felt forgotten. I served my country to live at a reststop and lived near TOWN AND COUNTRY in Tampa, FL for awhile. I am safe now, me and my two cats and I thank you for your honesty and beauty, even though some want more than you wish to give.

    • i am so sorry. i was just thinking about this 2 days ago. i think it’s terrible our country, , sends people to war , to get killed and ptsd ,or just comes back and they don’t even have jobs for them, when they come back. that should be the highest paying job there is. you would think corporations would hire them. didn’t one of the navy seals ,who killed osama lose all of his money ,too. nobody does anything. there are no commercials ,look what happens when you come back from war….just join the army….are you saying it’s the same company in florida, a moving company?

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