Town & Country Movers Gaithersburg Maryland reviews part I

i am sorry for everyone who wants to read poetry , but i have to right and write the reason i came here, in the first place. i don’t think there is anything else they can do to me and this may take the rest of my life, but if not i will get back to haiku. please don’t feel like you have to read any of this, unless you live in the d.c. area, maryland or northern va. i don’t want any of this to happen to you.

i have a notebook filled with just what happened in the last month,and this is just five piece sofa . i can only see 3 parts but it’s a 5000.00 sofa. i spent a long time trying to find a comfortable sofa and it’s covered with orange mold,which my dr. says is harmful to me, not most people. t&c had my condo sitting on a wet truck , before and after a flood, in sept 2011.

but this began 3 years and 5 months ago. i was very ill from toxic black mold,so i did what my environmental dr in s.c. told me to do…..move into a brand new building where there was no possible chance of mold…after 4 years, at this building , after 11 years of being deathly ill , i got worse. i was coughing 24 hours a day again..i couldn’t sleep…my tongue was so miserable feeling/ white, i had to force myself to eat.. i ended up in the hospital again and found an environmental dr in va…after spending 7000.00 , my dr .said he would sue the builder of this new building….see, now they had toxic mold and were forced to rebuild all the windows the builder hadn’t done correctly in the first place….they were in the president’s condo next to me , doing construction and the plaster dust came into my bedroom and made me feel like i was going to die…i had to wear a mask in my bedroom, entire condo…people could hear me coughing across the building…

this realtor /resident pretended to be my friend .she’s a friend of the builder.when i came home from the dr and told her, the dr said he would sue, she obviously told the builder.


so i realized i had to leave, even though dr’s said moving is the worst thing in the world…they had to rebuild my windows & if that dust got into my things ,like it did just coming from next door. my life would be over…i was going to buy this condo, before i found out they had  toxic mold on this floor.. so i wrote the owner , i was leaving in 30 days…  hurricane winds , i went to this building in bethesda, who advertised a whole foods , in the building and gave them a deposit..i was leaving in 2 days… i emailed 2 movers and whoever answered me first , i would use.

* i was told 4 years earlier not to use town & country movers , even though they told everyone who moves in or out to use them. i don’t want to write names but i was told the builder was part of this company and they were expensive. i saw their truck all the time & i was given a pamphlet before i moved in.

the manager in bethesda told me which company she just used & they only charged her 380.00+ & they packed. i had already packed but i knew it cost 1800.00 for 600 miles to get there. t& c charged me over 26,000.00 & wanted 5900.00 more.

(i was moving 1 & 1/2 mile away)

this is not going to be in any particular order of all the horrible things they did to me. i will have  ptsd, the rest of my life. for 2 months , i packed my condo.i still had flattened boxes from packing my house.after i taped all of these together , i went to the garage , almost every night . i even used some thrown away town & country movers  boxes , but my handwriting is on the boxes . most say fragile crystal , mother’s crystal, daddy’s picture digging synagogue…not things a moving company would write on a box. i had a den filled with paintings from my house that allied had wrapped and are still in the same boxes. i never put anything on the walls.  at 12 or 1 am, i would go right outside to harris teeter , when they unloaded and they would give me boxes and then the security guards would help me carry them to my unit…i can’t imagine how many witnesses from harris teeter or security who helped me every night… i hurt my knees , so badly i could hardly walk, packing…it was over 2 years , before i didn’t almost cry every time i sit down and stand up. i had no business packing, but i did.

i get a bill from t&c for about 4700.00 for packing my condo. i killed myself packing for 2 months. i knew i had to leave ,when i hear toxic mold, and then the  plaster dust. that would be all i needed to see they are criminals right there…the exact same things major movers brought from charleston , that i had packed for 1800.00 …600 miles.. t&c took a few miles to their storage and charged 4700.00….then last may , i wrote t&c & said please give me a simple price for how much you charge to bring back to s.c. and they send me 5900.00 more.

over 10,000 and i am 2 hours closer now  , when i paid allied 1800.00.

i write the better business bureau , which just made t&c more evil.. they said i hurt their feelings!

i’m upset hysterical every day of my life. i don’t sleep. it takes 5 hours to fall asleep , worrying about how they have my whole life, everything my mother made, i made , all of my clothes, 89 black dresses…

they took my computer and my medicine, my pillows…i had to waste money buying new medicine, clothes, 3 pillows that never helped & my neck has been killing me for 3.5 years… 3 months medicine was 6000.00 .. they took 16 bottles of vitamins the dr had just given me .. all my meds that you can’t just go to a store and get.. and you definitely can’t get w/o your computer and you can’t call , b/c you have bronchitis for 11 years, which is why you have the computer …..

when i get out of the hospital, my cab driver took me to another state , where they couldn’t hurt me again and he went to get my pillows, meds., computer and they would not give it to him…after 2 months  , he said we are going to get your suitcases , i was going to go to florida away from the cold.that evil woman said i needed an appointment and called me a criminal, like people who come take things….it’s my medicine and i’m the criminal….i can take whatever i want,i’m thinking right now, but at the time, she scared me so badly. she has my whole life …

my cab driver said he knew me 10 years & i was honest and we were getting my med,etc… so here is a big truck , open with  3 men and one  says” we were told to take everything. we don’t take medicine, but we were told we had to take everything”…

last week january 2015, i find 3 boxes of trash , with my medicine in each one..expired 40 mg nexium , 2 x’s a day, upset me again, when i know how much that costs and some medicines i didn’t even bother to ask drs. for that i needed. this company town and country charges me


26,000  +  off the top of my head & i spent 10,000 more on another to get everything .. but t& c tried to charge me 30,000 and i told them another company was coming to get my things..i told the better business bureau : 1. allied 1800 & t&c 10,000 +

2. i said i have another condo in arlington & major mover is charging me since march 2014 120.00-150.00 a month for storage and t&c is charging me 500.00 a month for over 3 years

i thought the better business bureau would make them give me 300.00+ a month back & the 4700.00 for pretend packing , but what happens is my attorney gets a letter from t&c they will sell my things if i don’t give them 300.00 more dollars, which got me so upset i had to get my things away from them, even though i knew there was mold on that truck, everything was sitting on, b/c i got sick when we left & i opened the bags with some of my medicine. everything smelled like mold.and i should have waited until april when the doors are open so i don’t get worse.

(on top of the 3000.00 or after they decided i now had to give them 800.00 in a cashiers check and they knew i can’t go out , to allow  the new mover to take my things).

i sent them a check for 3000.00 . i tried to give them a credit card , but no one would answer…not even to tell me they got the check…my attorney finally had to fed x them to tell me and to answer my new mover…..he kept calling and they wouldn’t answer…so i had to be upset , hysterical , worried they would sell my life…

all i can think about for 3.5 years . how they call me a liar when they pretend pack. the sociopaths didn’t even have enough sense , they have no fear, to get rid of my boxes.. i have 7 witnesses. i have a lot of boxes from amazon and ebay that were mailed to me in maryland and even from my house in charleston that the p.o. had typed my name and address on, that i had used to pack and they all have my handwriting not a mover.

for over 3 years , i’m so upset , everyone i meet ,all i can think is they pretend to pack my house,like i’m a liar and steal 4700.00 …….and even after i show the BBB how they charged over 3 times the storage price, everything is even worse. almost every day.. there are things much much worse than this , that they have done…


the new company charged me 5900.00 to bring both my homes here, that is what t&c was going to add  for just one home.

you can see the boxes from maryland got wet ,changed colors , puffed out. i had to wash  all my clothes , so far, that i have found in detergent + baking soda + vinegar and some twice and they were clean when i packed everything and dry. open a box and you get a headache , throat burns and immediately started scratching my eyelashes out again , sneezing all the time… the second day , i thought i was going to end up in the hospital.

there was a bad flood in september of 2011. i was out in the flood and the last few days of september i was at the truck ,the night before i went to florida. i even saw a vacuum cleaner that i had taped a notebook sheet of paper saying:  this is trash…i keep opening boxes of trash here, i guess that i have to pay 4700.00 for them to pack trash…i found one box of newpapers that has the note this is trash packed with probably 50 pounds of wrapping paper…

there are boxes of empty dannon yogurt containers,glass herb ox empty jars .they individually wrap each yogurt obvious trash and put in box to pretend charge me, b/c i packed the entire condo…obviously i did not pack the bed i was in, when 5 people broke into my condo  and scared me half to death , literally…tuesday morning , 2 or 3 hours after i had gone to sleep from packing , because i was leaving thursday, so they take the windows out friday.

i asked the police for my heart medicine in the black bag and she gets me a hot pink bag and i said black, then she comes back with royal blue, then i say black and i doubled the pill and i said i will be alright and they said no you are going to the hospital and then i was locked in a hospital, who didn’t care about calming my heart down, which took 3 days…the nurses stood there counting my money 800.00… last month , i saw police on tv , taking money from people, thinking they were drug dealers with a large amount of cash, but i was moving & i always keep money, b/c i can’t go out in the winter and b/c i took my money out of the bank next door..

they took my 15,000 diamond ring…then the nurse starts talking about how she was going to get blood like i’m a criminal and i can’t even talk or think about all the terrible things that happened , but then this man came in and said i pulled a knife on someone , so of course i couldn’t quit crying.. i was in bed asleep and 5 people break in…then he tells me a long time later..they called and no i didn’t pull a knife on anyone, i’m a hoarder…..really, i think,when you have boxes packed that say crystal ,china, black dresses, that’s called moving.. now i know , the builder was trying to get me out.. i could have easily died there without medicine i need to live….and i couldn’t quit crying from the knife thing.. no one in the world knew where i was…you can’t take that back..

i have no veins..there are very few drs in 4 states who can get blood from the man said i had to sign whatever they gave me, or instead of giving me my own medicine, they would give me whatever they wanted to and if there is any change i have bad reactions, or i was going to die so i signed everything , i knew i was under duress …

they put me in a terrible dark room with no tv , in a bed with fibromyalgia, which any of my drs would say is torture alone , until it was dark and sent me to a mental hospital and i already had ptsd of regular hospitals, much less and the nurse at the mental hospital told the realtor that , when she came with whatever i signed that i guess was  town and country.

so t&c told the BBB , that i could have picked any company , the liars. they know perfectly well they locked me in a hospital and tried to destroy & succeeded in destroying my life and 26,000.

and if the dr hadn’t reached my environmental dr. who everyone knows is the best dr and he told her all the medicine and sent 50 pages of records, i can’t imagine…i would probably be killed by those patients hitting their heads against the wall on pcp or something, in the back. you could go insane in their thinking about that… and i had to go w/o so many things for a few days , b/c you can’t just get these meds all at the pharmacy and they were scared to let me go ,with my heart  the way it beats from toxic mold and people breaking in  and police, who knew very well i was packing because i called the same 2 women weeks earlier , when someone broke in and they asked me, did i pay the rent….that was their help..did i pay 2100.00 a month, of course i paid the rent. that was another reason i was leaving.people break in a security building and scare you to death.

the first hospital kept the 15,000 diamond ring & 800.00 and other things and i heard the nurse call and she made a face at how rude they were and had no intention of sending it.. so i had to pay my cab driver 100’s of dollars to go an hour back  2 times…i had t go back in that hospital with ptsd , i was scared they were going to do the same thing  again.

i was asleep worried about everything i had to do on the computer and my knees and all of a sudden people keep saying do you want to kill yourself…after the 12th person, i  felt like i was going to die of misery , b/c i was in hades.

41 thoughts on “Town & Country Movers Gaithersburg Maryland reviews part I

  1. I am saddened that this horrible thing happened to you. I can only pray that you get better, have a nicer and safer place to live in, and have some good resolution of these issues.

  2. If you paid someone $26,000.00 to move you 1.5 miles, call me next time. I’ll be happy to move you for that kind of money and I hate to move. When I moved from Danville to Richmond, about 150 miles (one way) I spent about $250.00 total. Of course, I did my own packing and rented a U-haul truck and drove it myself, but given the savings, it was worth it.

    • i will ask you next time.i don’t ever want a next time. i did my own packing too , but they pretended they did.i have plenty of evidence, witnesses…i was going 1 & 1/2 miles , but i was too scared to live near them, where people can break in and it was 26,000 + part or half of 10,000 .00 dollars more & for a 980 ft2 condo.

  3. Hi Raechel 😀
    You have been following me for well over a year (page 41 of 76 of all my followers). You have Liked everyone of my posts (thank you) since then. I have returned the favour, but not followed as I am not a true fan of haiku. I can see the work that you put into your poems so that’s why I Like.
    Today you Liked my recent post so here I am. Maybe all the return Likes on your posts has led me to this special one of yours. I have read it thoroughly. I don’t know your circumstances, but it seems to me that you are single and are being ripped off left, right and centre. It was awful for me to read how people, businesses etc. are targetting you.
    I really wish that I was a neighbour of yours from the very beginning so that I could be there to help you, but with me living in Spain it wasn’t possible. I would like to say exactly what Iris says (the other comment) and in addition if you ever feel like a break you are welcome to come and stay a while at my home. I have had another blogger from London stay with me for a reference if you need it.
    I hope your life and health turns around quickly and permanently. So here’s a hug for now.
    Ralph xox ❤

  4. Dear Raechel,
    You have been through a serious Odyssey – I kept thinking as I read your story that it could come straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. I have seen exposés on the moving industry and how crooked some companies can be and how difficult it is to get anything resembling justice. I hope since this whole debacle happened and you posted this that things have improved. I will keep you in my prayers.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear this Raechel–I can’t believe all this happened to you! I am wishing for things to turn around for you as soon as possible.

  6. I am so sorry to hear of all of these difficulties. You are such a marvelous poet and person. I hope that you can find a good living situation and get some of these wrongs righted.

  7. What happened to you isn’t right…twitter may be a more powerful social media voice during such a time. It is more immediate and businesses listen to it. That and all of the online reviews of that moving business such as Yelp etc. Be careful to state the facts succinctly and matter of factly otherwise they could counter.

    • thank-you dunelight. criminal businesses like town & country have the bad reviews deleted easily. i will just use yelp as an example…almost every bad review was deleted by someone from t&c coming on & saying “we are sorry we have no record of you,did you use another name” & yelp removed them….
      i will be posting these for the rest of my life.they are already written…there is no way to describe in a few words to be deleted by google & all others..this has been going on for 3.5 years so far….

  8. Horror stories like yours are why Elena and I — after a lifetime in the DC/MD area — finally read the handwriting on the wall and moved to Virginia. Now, every morning, I see the Blue Ridge, and it is always the same and always new and beautiful. The people are friendly and mean it. The day we arrived at the new house, our neighbors brought us a fresh-baked loaf of bread. Human-scale living among real people — I recommend it, if only as a hope for your future. Be well! 😉

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