Silly Questions To Myself


I Had A Cat Door

Yet Somehow It Disappeared

Maybe Cat Burglar


Why Do You Put Poems

In My Head On The Sabbath

So I Can’t Write Them



My Dear Nestle

Gingerbread Chocolate Pretzels

You Can Keep Them This Year


Twelve Hundred Percent

Vitamin A For The Day

Slice Three Pumpkin Pie


If Only Your Hairdresser

Knows For Sure

They Should Be The Answer Man



2 thoughts on “Silly Questions To Myself

    • this is so funny.we are always reading each other at the same time…while you were reading, i changed the 1st to the 2nd, so i am not sure which one you mean,which one you saw…i will answer both. i do not know what happened to the cat door. i asked my realtor, but she answered more important questions instead…or you are asking about – you aren’t supposed to write on the sabbath if you are jewish, unless you are reformed

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