Chattering Clemson Professor


I Wish I had known

My punchline was a haiku

Did the professor


During services

She yelled out stupid comments

Would not be quiet


After the third week

She gave it to my uncle

The letter I sent



Not knowing my uncle

Fourteen people were


WHEN You Go To School

And Become A Rabbi

Then We’ll Listen To You


We were in the car

Driving to my neice’s bas mitzvoh



Uncle was laughing

Guess I have to pay her dues

“no she never paid”


She was the last straw

People’s silly comments

About the new Rabbi


Sermon was too short

President did not want

To put on a clean shirt


From the dry cleaners

Mrs. B did not like that

His cat slept with him


Rabbi said thank-you

Then he went home to his cat

Wrote a short sermon


(I don’t really know

if the sermon was short

everything else is true)





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