7 Children Countless Marks Adrian Peterson IV


I’m Sure Slave Owners

Loved Their Slaves When They Beat Them

Also Adrian


You Told Police

The Marks On Your Child No Different

From Your Other Kids


Think About The Stupidity

Of Your Comments

HEAR Psychologist


You Don’t Even Know

How Many Children You Have?

Possibly Seven


You Will Think About

Alternatives To Beatings

For Your Four Year Old


What About The Others

Are You Trying To Hide

What You Did To THEM Now


Or Are You  Saying

You Will Only Think About

Not Hitting One Child






two minutes after i wrote you are a child abuser, Sunny Hostin, attorney on CNN said oh yes you are a child abuser Adrian Peterson.


I Am So Sick

Of The Ignorant Bible one line

sparing the rod


“You Should Never Hit

A Child With Anything Stronger

Than A Shoelace”


“Should Never Hit A Child

At All But If You Do

Only A Shoelace”


that’s the translation

people knew this thousands of years

before this day


How Dumb We Still Are

And This Is The Cause Of Most

Problems In This World


domestic abuse : http://www.joinonelove.org




did ray rice

give the finger at high school on saturday

on fox news




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