While He Lay Dying Adrian Peterson 3


Learn You Have A Son

Two Months Before His Murder

Only Now Visit



In The Hospital

For The Very First Time

When He Is Nearly Dead


Day Before He Dies

Beaten By Mother’s Boyfriend

“Come To Grips With It”



Attending Practice

Day After His Funeral

Five Days After Death


Seems It Takes One Day

To “Come To Grips With It”

Playing Makes You Forget


Panthers Then Giants

Refuge In Difficult Time

“You Had Great Support”


Parents Who Pummeled

Muscular Football Giant

Beating Four Year Old


Who Protects Baby

Where Is HIS Refuge From YOU!

Monster Of Terror


Two Year Old Dead

Trying To Kill Four Year Old






USA Today 10/17/13






11 thoughts on “While He Lay Dying Adrian Peterson 3

  1. Hey, I have a submission suggestion if you are interested? I couldn’t figure out how to private message you or I would have. ShoutOut UK (www.shoutoutuk.org) publishes poetry that is related to current events and your work like this seems like a good fit. It’s non-paying. I’ve had 2 poems published by them now and the poetry editor said they’re always looking, so you could mention that I referred you if you want. You can attach or paste poems in an email to Ali Saul at “ali@shoutoutuk.org”. I think self-publishing first isn’t a problem either. ~Lurana Brown

    • very angry… i believe 99% of every violent criminal was hit as a child & every member of ISIS. this is what happens.
      charles barkley on cnn a few hours ago, said “you would have to arrest every black person in the south”. i say a lot of whites & african americans. i seriously doubt i have ever been in a store , in my life, in the south , when a parent or grandmother wasn’t hitting someone, since i was born. heaven knows what they do in private.

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