Adrian Peterson


If Hitler

Was A Football Player

Society Would Let Him Play



A few hours ago,I was reading this story on Aol, about someone who had a 2 year old  son who was murdered by child abuse & it was Adrian Peterson. The story disappeared, but i found a USA Today article on October 11, 2013.

“Peterson met with the media Friday, hours before the boy passed away and said at the time, he still planned to play in Sunday’s game against Carolina”

I read this sentence over & over after what i just heard on CNN about him abusing his living son, the way his parents hit him. i was wondering why no one is talking about his child who was just murdered the same way 11 months ago. maybe I’m too ill to understand English.

It sounds like his son is about to die, in a hospital & he plans on playing football sunday & he is talking to reporters , instead of flying to his child.

I know nothing about sports. He looks like a nice person, in his picture, but this is what happens when parents hit children, cold unfeeling,sociopath, wife abuser,murderers… eleven months later ,we hear today he hits/ abuses his living child. He is indicted by  a Texas grand jury for child abuse.


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