“Unsynchronized Sleep”


“He Left Us Liege – Less

But Now He Has  Risen From

His King Size Slumber”


Listening  Closely


Haiku Falling From Sky

Moonbeams Hailing Scotland

When We Awaken


6 thoughts on ““Unsynchronized Sleep”

      • Ah, this twist increases the tension nicely. Thank you, my fairest out of reach so near but yet so far tho undoubtedly loyal subject princess kookster maiden friend.

      • Increased tension, wasn’t my intention, but increased admiration due to haiku donation. Yes, that indeed was a heart. I’m glad you thought it cute.

      • could not bear increased tension:put me in another dimension. …none of my mellow, would equal & end in othello.
        (i use othello only because – Tragedy- does not rhyme with mellow).the bee gees say it better than i & in haiku “tragedy when the /feeling’s gone & you can’t go / on it’s tragedy” lol

        you bring me haiku everyday : that was the least that i could say.

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