Wherefore Art Thou For What Purpose


Summon Scotland Yard

The King Has Left The Building

Wales Is Calling Tom


“What’s New Pussycat”

Tom Jones



14 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou For What Purpose

      • I have always liked Tom Jones. My mother saw him in concert years ago – early 70’s. I can still remember watching her get ready – tease her dark brown hair, put on her ‘gogo’ boots and hot pants and pancho – the one she knitted herself. I kept dancing around the apartment seeing ‘What’s new pussycat – wo, wo, woooooo’

      • LOL i would like to have seen that. my mother knit beautiful sweaters .one like a bolera jacket white with white sequins, being packed by movers today, i hope.
        i was 7, having shish -k-bob at ye olde fireplace & tom jones was there & i was so tiny & i remember crowd of giants around me , i think trying to talk to him.

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