a wall


we have guards and drones

Bill Maher has guards and drones

they don’t keep Trump out



12 thoughts on “a wall

      • I’m an anti-monarchist republican. Scotlands first king was in 849ad. I was in a parallel universe playing backgammon with Xerxes 1. Queen Liz is monarch of GB but bah! Nah. A

      • i’m anti- monarchist ,anti-sociopath.
        my aunt gave me a backgammon beach towel when i was 7. i still have it,i hope, but not here ,in a parallel universe 600 miles away.does james bond have a scottish accent?

      • Sean Connery played Bond with his natural Scottish accent. Talk show host Craig Ferguson has a Scottish accent. Ewen McGregor too. And me. I once said my A-Z backwards in 6 seconds on Vine and posted it on Twitter. Nobody was impressed with my backwards alphabet – but everyone loved my accent. True story from your Sire, my Quirky Kookstress.

      • i didn’t know how to spell sean,so i said bond, knowing you would know.loli like his accent & ewen’s…how do you have that talk show there.i’ll be durn…i never watch ferguson.show is not funny.
        i am impressed at backwards….did you have this commercial..if you think it’s butter, but it’s not it’s chiffon?

      • No we have he commercial where a bamboon has a rocket full of weapons grade plutonium strapped to his back, he stops, quotes Kafka and attempts to throw the rocket skywards but it transforms into a Möbius Strip made from moist toilet tissue while Peaceful Easy Feeling by The Eagles plays in the background. It’s epic.
        I jest of course. It was Desperado playing in the background.

      • LOL ,you only jest about the song LOL
        .wow the first time i had to look up every word & 1 song.we don’t have intelligent commercials about kafka, or anything else..next haiku is about one such stupid commercial..
        are you sure it wasn’t a homeomorphic strip , i mean curve, not that i know ether

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