Time For Manhattan


“The Future Is Being

Written All The Time And

We Are Writing It”


Rabbi Ari S. Lorge  / Central Synagogue


Daddy Always Fifteen

Minutes Early Services

Holder Of Key


Fearing  OCD

Making Us  Always Early

How Can That Be Bad


3 thoughts on “Time For Manhattan

  1. Most interesting, miss raechelsheart. Love the Rabbi’s quote. OCD. Been there. Done that. No need to fear. Underdog is here. Did this occur in Manhattan? If so, where about? I used to love to go to NYC now and them just to walk the streets of Manhattan. Haven’t done so for 20 years. Miss it. I even wanted, while in my late teens thru late 31. Then, “I’m moving to Manhattan,” I said. She started crying. I stayed. She left a few years later. I started crying. LOL. I can laugh and laugh hard about it now. But it took five years to get to that point. I forgot, but never forgave her or cop. Peace, my friend. Time to write.

    • the rabbi at central synagogue in manhattan live streaming services on computer in myrtle beach.so that’s where she was in n y…i went there once for a few hours.my boyfriend was working at one police plaza & he came to n.j to see me, but i spent a few hours with my isreali pen pal walking in manhattan i think. i remember saks 5th ave…

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