Talk To Me


Not Hating Winter

When You Speak Of A New Home

In The South Of France


“He sings a love song

In a winter wonderland

We’re happy tonight”

“Winter Wonderland”


3 thoughts on “Talk To Me

  1. Walking in a winter wonderland…Just got back from a stroll through the ‘hood. Saw my buddies in blue and cringed at the thought of being stopped again. Laughing out loud. It’s cold outside tonight. Not too cold. Not when you get back “home” and press a few buttons and read wonderful writing from very good writers. Philosophers like, you, miss raechelshearttoheart and Mr. Jalal. Gettin’ to know him, too. He’s so peaceful, generous and kind. Sharing the wisdom of his “success.” When I write “know” I mean in the sense that we can “know” someone via the internet. But we can get a good feel for a person’s heart by reading her or his words. Conversation, yes. “Talk To Me Baby” is so beautiful in its simplicity. From your soul and through your fingertips to g-ds ears. Have a wonderful holiday season.

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