Showers For Everyone


the lower shower

where you wash sand off your toes

small dog takes a bath



6 thoughts on “Showers For Everyone

  1. my first stop of the night on wordpress and i’m greeted with words of a great poet. don’t turn around, i mean you. don’t know how to interpret exactly, but went to youtube and listened to Ronnie M. (sp.?) sing an old etta james tune. when i listened, oddly enough, i remembered hearing this way back and the only version i remember is Ronnie’s. Is it the end of love or is it the beginning of? one of the beauties of words so well formed, regardless of inspiration, is that they inspire. now I feel like writing again, but been there done that most of the day already.
    an oddity? last song I listened to before Ronnie was promises by EC. that song has been a longtime companion of mine. Now “I’ll take care..” is bookmarked ’cause of you. okay, for my own personal well-being, I choose to interpret your work as a passion piece to balance out words of eric. but only the artist knows what those words meant to them. taking page from Dylan, now. his secret is to let the listener of song interpret. he rarely says what he meant. maybe one can interpret even ones own words many ways, depending on mood.
    I’ll be back, Miss Raechel’sHeart, ’cause your work is just that good. Peace, my friend.

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