2070 & Howard’s Mom Made Turbrisketfil


Two Thousand Seventy

Some Say 70,000

You Make The Call


Does it really matter? Will there be a Thanksgiving or Hanukkah in 75,000 years? Will we all be the same religion? Will there be an America? Will someone discover living on Mars adds 300 years to your life? Will G-d start speaking to people again and say what religion he wants people to follow? Will there be computers? Will these words transport through space ,someone find them in 80,000 years & say how did she know & celebrate nude , in top hats, with latkes? Latkes don’t have to be nude.They can wear applesauce or sour cream or yogurt or caviar.

When I was 6, my uncle Martin would call and say you’re looking good and pretend he had a camera phone. I thought he was talking nonsensical and laughed but look..You have one now.

Will they forget the cornbread is in the oven?Uhoh………………..

Will there be a button for every food, no cooking, no shopping, just press and voila’ , it appears.


Why Would Anyone

Want To Eat Turbrisketfil

Any Given Time ?


Big Bang Theory

Turkey Stuffed With Brisket Stuffed With

Gefilte Fish.


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