the joint is jumpin


parallel third waves

wilder than Disney, thousands

one two three jumping


“I Feel The Earth Move”  /Halie Loren

“Heart start to tremble

The earth move under my feet

The sky tumblin down”



2 thoughts on “the joint is jumpin

  1. a tumblin’ down, a tumblin’ down, a tumbling dooownnn. But then I rose above. “The Rising,” inspirational tune by The Boss, inspirational like your writing. that night I was laughin’ at my own terrible singing and at the way you turned phrases. turn phrases. turn the ‘tude. I need to get back to writing a little for tonight, but I’ll be catching up with “raechels” tomorrow later in the day. believe it or not, I was on the beach twice today. guess I wanted to be rained on. I find inspiration in that, too. Peace, my friend. I might have asked you this before, have you ever been so tired that you can’t sleep, like Pacino in that one, great movie he did. I think he was investigating something. I’m doin’ my own little investigation on our lame local media and a story involving Santee Cooper and ash removal from the environment. soon to be released blog if I can get my mind to work. You seem, from a distance, to be writing a lot in the face of adversity. Adversity can be used to sufferer’s advantage. rambling as usual. Chat again tomorrow.

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