daylight was horrible


“All I Need”



jack wagner 1984


(are you kidding frisco jones

from general hospital? frisco & felicia?

dvx, wsb, cia, kgb?how did i not know this)?


Bad Saturday:

two feet of black wet circles on the ceiling

worrying – have to probably move now

three lawyers yelling at me i will have to go to court if fed ex does not deliver by 10 am 37 pages i faxed, b/c no one told me the court had to have the original papers

tell me this at 5 pm the night before

no one tells me if the papers arrived

37 pages i had 1 day to look at,that say you can go to jail for some reason, for a divorce,if something is wrong……….. and there was a lot more……………………………………….

email that amazon order was cancelled

eight hours over four days ordering

you can’t pay your credit card on the 11th

when it’s due the 13th or they will take your credit card away apparently even though you made two payments that month and the second was for august


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