Be The One To Stand By Someone


“well the only thing

her ears were infected with

tonight was your charm”


Life In Pieces

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This post is actually inspired by my previous re-blog “I’ll Standby You” as I’ve been repeatedly listening to this song and it is really very soothing to the mind especially at this period of the time.

From the above sentence, I bet you should be able to guess the story I am referring to — Footsteps in the Sand —  if not, you can read the story at this link:

I am not a Christian but I’ve heard this story many years ago in a seminar and I feel that it is a simple and yet inspiring story. I am sure those who’ve read it, understood it, will feel it too.

It is a blessing to be able to be the one to stand by someone else because we know that we’ll always have someone else to stand by us.

Below is the lyrics of the song (not a…

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