S T P Spark Plugs Unplugged


Steve Thief  Plaxco

Stealing My STP Stickers

Uncle Had Given


First Grade Through Ninth

Even Though He Knew He Would

Be Receiving Many


He Was The Only

Bass Player In Orchestra

Heavy To Carry


His Brother Married

Lived Happily Ever After

My Friend’s Sister


Steve Peeked In First Grade

When I Was Class Monitor

At Least He Told Me


“Stevie You’re Peeking”

That’s What He Says That I  Said

I Don’t Remember



Libel Label


Who The Heck Are You

To Call Someone A Hoarder

You Minimalist



(I Could Have Said This

If I Knew What A Haiku Was

Three Years Ago)


when you walk into

someone’s home and see boxes

marked fragile crystal


That’s Called MOVING

You were there three weeks earlier

There were no boxes



Foreign Flummoxed Haiku


The Number Nine Bus

Goes To Paradise Everyday

In Australia


“I’m On A Life Mission

To Bring The Whole Howard Cosell

Parking Lot”


Rabbi Anat Hoffman / Hebrew University Jerusalem


Women Forced To Sit

In The Back Of The Bus In Israel

By Men


Rabbi Anat Hoffman


even though the signs

say you can sit where you like

the laws are changing