Years of Men Pursuing Their Happiness



Ask Not What I Can

Do For You, Instead Ask

What You Can Do For Me


Many Men Think

You’re Put On Earth  Photography

I’m Not A Model


The Nicest Gift

I Have Ever Received From A Man

Car Accident


Hurt Neck Forever

Breaking Into Your Home

After Your Mother Dies


Scaring You

While Jumping Out Of The Shower

That’s Just One Guy High School


If I Leave

He Threatened He Would Walk Into The Street

And Kill Himself


And Woke My Father

In The Middle Of the Night

So I Called Police


Slashed Husband’s Tires

As It Turns Out Would Have Been

Better Off With Him



Life Liberty Pursuit

Of Happiness Does Not Mean









Sexting is Vital . James Clyburn



“Get Out There And Sext

Voting Organizing

Over The Internet”


People Teasing Him

He’s A Good Man Who Doesn’t

Do It In Office


Knows Not What It Is

He’s Taking Care Of Business

Not Sanford Weiner


Who Is The Real Fool ?

Voting For Sociopaths

For The SECOND Time


Sanford And Weiner

Who Would Sell Country’s Secrets

Female Spy Online


During Business Hours

Sanford Left The Country

Wife Who Put Him On Top


To See His “Soul Mate”

Charismatic Socciopath




Dedicated to the foolish ones ,in  comments at fits news who don’t want a man  in office SIMPLY because he does not know what sexting is & want people in office who do nothing but…