Hot Under The Collar


last night

you set fire

to the embryos

of your future children

the only pictures

your grandmother

had of your childhood

you burned

a million dollars

in bearer bonds

your uncle left you in his will

the uncle who was watching tv

in his storage unit

the one you burned down

“it feels like Beirut”


The Policeman

Who Was Going To Save Your Life

Two Thousand Sixteen


Tried To Stop The Fire

Died Of Smoke Inhalation

Ferguson Last Night



Featured Image -- 1960

Five More Stars


The Pain They Suffered , Rabbis Praying to G-d, Policeman Protecting
Three Rabbis from the U.S. with dual Israeli citizenship .The Fourth Rabbi from the UK with dual Israeli citizenship & One Israeli Policeman.

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By Paul Mirbach 

“Hear O Israel, the Lord is One”

This they whispered, with the rising sun

And the words commanded, were in their hearts

When their silent prayer was torn apart

With a cry to Allah, G-d, by another name

But this with intent to murder and maim

And this house of learning, hope and prayer

Was filled with fear, death and despair

And as sadness descends, reopening scars

Tonight we will see five more stars.

As a nation we mourn for those we never knew

It is strange what you feel for a fellow Jew

Whose life was taken this chilly November

A date that now we will always remember

And our thoughts are now with them, their children and wife

How will they now celebrate life?

Was it written in stone that this was their fate?

To leave this world in bloodshed and hate?

And as we…

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